Sunday, May 29, 2011

Highlights of Home

It's hard to believe I've been in my new home for over a month now. I still have yet to put things on the wall but I do have a full house of furniture. I am still proud to say that I bought nothing new and actually purchased very few items. 

A look into the small kitchen, definitely my favorite:

The reconstruction of this piece gave me the opportunity to breathe in some toxic lead white paint that I had to sand off. I then repainted with fabulous red paint found in the Lindahl basement. 

This pot rack was purchased new but it was a part of my extra late birthday present from the parents. It was crazy difficult to put together and install, but I succeeded. 

A fabulous garage sale find. I think a dollar? Painted to match the table. Those are some major antique glass spice jars I found in the Lindahl basement as well. 

Courtesy of my Great Aunt Helen, I present antique foil, wax, paper roll dispenser.  

This was my Great Grandmother Ruth's table. I sanded it, stained and varnished it. Fabulous piece.

My thrift store $6 chairs. I reupholstered them from the nasty orange vinyl in their previous life. 


  1. Looks so cozy, Amanda! I wish more people would dedicate time to restoring older, well-built furniture and storage items than running off to Ikea. Can't wait to see your home in person!

  2. Love your kitchen! And I agree with Jamie. Heck, it's the way to get truly one-of-a-kind pieces that last.

  3. Beautiful! I love all the work you've put into it, and all the well-loved pieces you've adopted!

  4. Very nice indeed, Amanda. I wonder if your red table used to be on Grandma Ruth's back porch? Sure looks like what I'm remembering. Glad to see it rejuvenated!! Now then tall girl, another great trick is to get an old door, or thick plywood and screw legs into it to make a table or counter, any width, length, and height you want. I'm considering this for my office desk, and maybe even for seating/sleeping in the sunroom. Home Depot has lots of leg choices. I can put small file cabinets underneath the desk for storage on the ends and maybe in the middle since I want to make an L shape and might even go for a U shape so the cats have room to stretch out too. lol

    Aunt Carol

  5. What an adorable set-up you have. I love all the re-purposed and antique items. Your apartment looks more put together than mine and I've lived in mine for 7 months. I should work on that...