Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today marks my third day visiting the Los Angeles Catholic Worker house. It has been an amazing experience thus far for many reasons. First, I came here to visit my long lost friends, Alecia and Shoff. Alecia has called this place home since last summer when she came for a four week internship and ended up deciding to stay for two years. Shoffner flew out here from Philly earlier last week for a visit and luckily our visits were able to overlap for just a short while. I love these girls and being with them even for a few short days has been amazing. While we were together we managed to do a few crazy things, one of them being getting matching tatoos!

Life in the Catholic Worker house has been amazing to be a part of. The combined effort and work toward peace and love for all is simply beautiful to see. I've had the opportunity to take part in serving at the Hippie Kitchen and also serving breakfast on the street. There are so many resources in this world and people that need just a little piece of the love.

As I sit in this giant mansion of a house, people are generally milling about, going about their individual tasks yet all intermingling. I love the general hum of activity and knowing that there is always somebody close to talk to or share a cup of tea with. I could definitely get used to this community lifestyle, working together with others to show the love of Christ on a daily basis to those marginalized people of society. 


  1. so glad you enjoyed your stay. it was fun having you around. your sunny personality was a welcome addition.

  2. Amanda, I must say I just spent an hour catching up on all of your summer blog posts. You are such an inspiring young woman! I am so encouraged and blessed to simply know you and have the opportunity to read about what you have been giving your time and heart to. I do believe you put me to shame. Thank you for sharing your life so others of us can be convicted and reminded the the beauty that exists daily if we will simply open our hearts to it. Thank you friend.