Thursday, April 26, 2012

Community Garden

Our Community Garden brings great joy to my heart. I've spent a decent amount of time in the space over the past several weeks since returning to Abilene and already I have decided it is well worth the effort and perseverance that it took to see it come to fruition. It is continually a work in progress but just in the past couple of weeks I have observed several great moments.

  • On a personal level, I love having the space to grow all my crazy vegetables!
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with others measuring things out, hauling wood chips, sharing ideas, and planning for demonstration garden ideas. 
  • Already I've observed gardeners helping each other out with garden knowledge and sharing of time and watering skills.
  • I got to watch a family of four plant their plot. Pretty great interactions between Mom & Dad and teenage boy and elementary age girl. Youngest is sprawled out on the soil at one end of the plot while Mom orders the rest of the family around and then noticing small child is taking a nap snaps her back into planting action. So great. They also put down some serious newspaper and leaves mulch.
  • There is apparently an older garden couple that bring in a small generator and electric tiller to till the one foot space between their rows. They have the prettiest plot ever! Today I used it for some photo opps since mine is covered in grass that desperately needs to be covered in mulch.
  • I've even already been blessed with vegetables from a kind sharing garden neighbor. The asparagus given to me did not come out of the community garden but still to think that we are a bunch of sharing generous folks is beautiful.
  • Tending the soil and nurturing the tiny seeds that produce abundant crops is just a holy indescribable process. Praise the Lord!


  1. Beautiful! What are the half buried jugs for?

    1. The plastic jugs cover transplants so they get an early start and are protected from possible frost.

  2. That's a big plot you've got there. Lookin' good. How many subscribers do you have? It will be fun to see when it starts producing. csl