Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Couchsurfing Blessing

I am continually reminded of the goodness of God's provisions on this trip. He always provides and especially chooses to bless us when we are giving of ourselves and serving. We have been so blessed by the people that have opened their homes to us and most recently it has been complete strangers that have showed us the most gracious hospitality. We stayed two nights last week with an FFA advisor in Roberta, GA and then an evening with a friend of a friend that invited us into the family for the weekend. We were blessed to attend an amazing bull riding event with them and attend their precious rural Baptist church on Sunday.

Presently we are enjoying our stay with a fabulous family that I found on couchsurfing.org! They have been so great to get to know and share life with for just this short while. They love Jesus, gardening, living a simple lifestyle, eating healthy live giving foods, and traveling and missions as well. So you can imagine we've had some great conversations and Barrett and I decided we could both just move into their shop/game room/sleeping quarters behind their home. Just quality people that are passionate about sharing what they have and opening their home to others. This is what Jesus calls us to do, to break bread with others, and simply be in community with others. Praise the Lord for people that are following Jesus in this way.

You know I love a great garden and can't wait to get back to my multiple gardens at home. This morning I got to help harvest some lettuce and eat it for lunch so that was super exciting to me! My first fresh lettuce salad of the season was so tasty!

Check out the largest rosemary bush I have ever seen in my life! And the plethora of homemade jams and jellies on the table this morning demanded that I enjoy more biscuits while living it up in the south.

- Grace and peace to you

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