Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tasty grub

Have I mentioned one of my favorite parts about this trip has been spending time in cute little downtown areas? The other day I was hanging out in Perry, GA and thoroughly enjoyed their little downtown. They had several adorable shops and as I was hanging out in one doing some work I was even able to join a conversation about not eating meat that evolved into a discussion on CAFO meat operations. It was pretty great to hear two young ladies talk about how disgusting these meat sources are. I was able to interject with my advice that they simple get to know some local farmers that would have good sources of meat. Later I found an amazing little cafe called The Perfect Pear that I would recommend to anybody. I enjoyed the Perfect Burger with an egg, caramelized bacon, some awesome cheese, lettuce and tomato. It really was perfect for this hungry girl!

Tonight Barrett and I made it to the small town of Roberta, GA. We are staying with a fabulous family here that organized a little gathering for B to share with over dinner. We walked into a restaurant that quite possibly had the most eyes ever looking at me.including this guy...

Memories of Roberta, oh so good!

- Grace and peace to you


  1. lol,,,shame on you,,,you didn't get the monument marker to your right in your last picture. I don't think I could stand all of those eyes watching me eat. That's a bit much. csl

  2. AHA,,,found a pic of it in google earth- Roberta-Crawford County, Georgia- Col. Benjamin Hawkins Monument (1931)- Red Caboose Railroad Museum- Replica of 1888 Roberta Train Depot is pictured behind it. And a second picture shows the block you shot and says Roberta-Crawford County, Georgia- Buildings in the town's Historic District. Most were constructed between 1888 and 1910. Looks like they've done well in preserving these. csl

  3. Just 60 miles to your west, you have a brand new cousin born 3/27, Atticus Riley Keller. :))) All are doing well. csl