Friday, March 16, 2012

Georgia Country

I almost failed to include the big moment we experienced this week when passing into the state of Georgia!!! Barrett was pretty adamant about how we were really leaving civilization and everything good when we left Florida. I think he may be a bit biased but it really was funny how drastic things seemed to change. As soon as passed the state line we noticed that the Welcome to Georgia sign was much smaller and less vibrant than the Welcome to Florida sign. Additionally, the road was inferior and no longer had a shoulder to walk on. Then about 2 miles in a ridiculous giant storm brewed up and caused our plans to change a bit. It was really quite fun for me as I had the opportunity to take part in my very first hitch-hiking experience to avoid soaking my phone and iPod. Thanks to Mr. Ron for the ride back to the van.

Georgia has a lot of pecan (pronounced pea-can) trees. They're pretty tasty right off the ground and definitely easier to get out of the shell than the walnuts that are prominent where I come from. I also had my first opportunity to walk in a field that had held cotton and gain a feel of cotton right out of the feel. Pretty cool.

A beautiful view from our host last evening. We stayed with one of B's former professors from UF. He lives on a fabulous family farm in the great country outside Hihara, GA. He took us on an AMAZING ride through the forest down to the river. Simply beautiful. I joked about how I would have a destination wedding right here! Then I would have my honeymoon back in the forest in their family lodge beside the pond. I'm serious, it's that great!

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  1. Happy St. Patricks Day!!!! Have the KSU vs Syacuse game on. They are a #1 and we're a #8 team and they just got ahead of us, so twill see how we do. Most of the "Hawks" around here were really elated when Missouri got knocked out last night. I forgot to switch on games last night, so will do some watching today,,,,good background noise. Missed the Shawnee parade last week, just didn't think about it. I gather the downtown parade is today, but with all of the basketball, not sure sure if it will be televised or not. It was muggy hot yesterday,,think we hit 80,,,79 forcast today and 80 tomorrow, then it backs off a little the next week. Are you noticing any humidity down there?

    If you are headed into Atlanta, one of my high school classmates lives in Lawrenceville on the east side of town. His family lived in Enterprise and his Mom was a good friend of Mom's. His siblings live around Birmingham where his folks moved to years ago. One of my internet friend's son and his wife live in Atlanta. Also, Richard and Brannigan Keller live near Ft. Benning, Georgia. Their first baby is due around my birthday, so getting really close. He grew up in Nebraska and his Dad who passed away last year grew up in Ohio.

    Half time and KSU is one point behind,,,yes!!! Have a great St Patty's day!!! You should be trying some of the catfish down there, etc. csl