Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday goodness

Today was such a blessing to experience. I feel like I'm literally following along in a fairly tale of blessing. God is so good! We visited a beautiful little country church this morning where my brother Barrett brought the word of the Lord. This particular Methodist church was on the oldest road in Florida and the church was built over 150 years ago. The old wooden pews were hand built by slaves and still in their original form plus some added cushion. It was a beautiful place to spend our Sunday worship and fabulous people to worship with.

Following church another amazing southern meal was enjoyed by all. Granny sure knows how to cook! I had the most amazing creamed corn ever in my life! This epic meal was followed by a trip though the pasture to take in all the sites and sounds. These sights and sounds included the greatest giant trees, natural spring ponds and rolling Florida pasture land. Simply breathtaking to see the beauty of creation on such a day. The Sunday field trip was even made complete by a nice snack of a Florida orange fresh fallen off the tree. What I would give for my own orange tree!

Of course I was without camera to document these experiences today so I'll instead leave you with a few from our host homestead. So blessed!

- Grace and peace to you

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