Saturday, March 17, 2012

Community Syrup

These people don't mess around with their cane syrup in these parts. Had the opportunity to see a fully functioning syrup processing operation on a old family farmstead. One of our hosts takes part in a community wide gathering to process the year's cane syrup. Although I do not encourage the consumption of such concentrated sugar I think the system of gathering together family and friends to harvest, process, bottle and generally share community with others is beautiful.

The old school press obviously draft animal powered is no longer used but the second photo press is. I'm not quite sure what these people do with that much syrup?! Although cane syrup definitely beats super cheap corn syrup, I still prefer the real maple syrup of New England to southern cane syrup.

- Grace and peace to you

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  1. You are sure picking up on some interesting processes. I meant to say in last post that you are entering Civil War area now and will probably see some memorials to such along the road. Andersonville, Ga, just to the west of your highway, is where the horrible southern prison was. One of Grandma's Houdyshell uncles was there and survived it. csl