Monday, March 12, 2012

Living on the edge

Today marks one week of adventure for me. I decided to step it up a notch and add a few more discoveries to my list. I've been enjoying fresh strawberries and hearing all about the strawberry festival that happened last week in Barrett's hometown of Plant City, FL. I've also been enjoying fresh oranges and today I got to see another fabulous fruit production. Although it is not blueberry season just yet, I did get the opportunity to checkout a nice sized blueberry farm. The plants had just flowered and there were many bees to be seen in the area.

My drop off point today for Barrett just happened to be right beside this beauty! I couldn't help but feel the need to do my own forest fire check. I mean somebody should really check for those things on a regular basis and by the looks of this place it hasn't been thoroughly monitored in quite some time. I simply cannot imagine why this modern tower is not used more often? It would just be tragic if I had the opportunity to monitor a forest fire and failed to do my civic duty.

Beauty from above! Thank God, no fire but a lovely church steeple in site.

We made it to Jasper, FL today and traveled through this unique little town. They had two dollar stores in this small town and a Chevy dealer with 15 of the same truck priced at $35,701. I wanted to get my hair cut at Mane Street Beaty Salon but decided to jog/walk six miles instead. B is speaking to some 4-Hers tonight here in Live Oak and then has an appointment at another high school tomorrow. We'll have to see how time goes but Georgia is definitely in the near future! I'm excited to see what rural GA has to offer!

- Grace and peace to you

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