Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I got to experience boiled peanuts for the first time in this trip. They were interesting and pretty good but I still think I like the crunchy toasted peanut better. Peanuts make up another great agricultural aspect of the south. Yesterday in our travels through the very small town of Chula, GA, I was able to catch these views of a peanut processing operation.

- Grace and peace to you

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  1. Boiled peanuts... ok. Beer nuts are on my list. Sweeter = less salt, but undoubtedly more calories. Reminds me of years ago when working for Karen and Jule, the place across the street had all you can eat nights of boiled shrimp. However, the guy who told us about it was southern and it sounded like he was saying bald or balled shrimp. It got pretty funny before we got it straight. :)) csl It still amazes me how many cedars are down there. You think of them more in mountainous regions. I've been noticing quite a few dead cedar and pine trees around town. And now the elm crap is all over the driveway and your car. Should rain again tonight and tomorrow and should knock it off. Next will be the whirlygigs. csl