Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Breakfast in The Van

Eating normal meals on this trip has been quite interesting. Although Mr. Barrett seems to be doing fine subsiding on Clif Bars and the random chicken biscuits for breakfast, those are not dining options in my book so I've been keeping my own arsenal of healthy travel friendly choices.

My breakfast the past several days has been a lovely brown rice cake topped with my peanut/almond butter mixture. This is the jar that the airport security tried to make me throw away, but I saved its life. It's been so good to me and now that I finally finished the jar now I can get more!

- Grace and peace to you

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  1. Aha,,,,is that one of my jars? :)))) I'm on my last one that I ordered, so decision time is ahead as far as trying to make my own concoction. We will discuss that next week when you get home. I've saved most of the jars. csl