Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The South

My first day in The South has been quite amazing. I've already fallen in love with the Southern accent and have decided it must be my goal to bring back a little piece of this. 

My favorite Southern phrase that I have picked up from the great group of people that I've been around includes, "Yes, Ma'am. Yes, Sir." I love that this is the response given out of respect to everybody. Tonight, I'm staying with a fabulous family and have heard these words repeatedly from every person in this house. It's just something that is taught and expected around here. So good. 

After flying into Jacksonville last night, Barrett and I jumped into the greatest giant 94 Dodge conversion van and headed over to Gainesville. Today I was able to take part in the walk with Barrett and several of his friends from University of Florida. I walked for about eight miles with the crew and got my first little bit of a sunburn in the glorious Florida springtime sun. It is beautiful. 

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