Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sweet South

Friends, I have been eating GOOD down here in the South! Last night, Barrett and I stayed with some friends in the great town of Live Oak, Florida. We had a great dinner of baked chicken, peas (small beans that they call peas), and homemade mac & cheese. It was so good and this adorable family showed us some amazing hospitality. I enjoyed observing the methods that parents in the south teach their children respect, by driving in over and over the response, "Yes ma'am." Just really great. I'm working on making it a normal part of my interactions. I've also learned that when you don't hear what somebody says you are to ask, "Ma'am or Sir?" Using the terms "What or Huh" is simply not acceptable. Write that down folks.

I've quickly learned that most every table in the south has a jar of this delectable concoction. They take hot peppers and basically pickle them by covering them with vinegar and allowing the vinegar to absorb the spice. This is used as a hot sauce.

Today we made it to the Suwannee River. This river is basically black and literally looks like sweet tea. This is due to the foliage that accumulates on the bottom of the river and oxidizes cause the water to turn very dark. Pretty fascinating. We walked today from Lake City to White Springs, FL, covering 12.8 miles. It was a beautiful day with a nice little overcast sky and breeze making it a very nice little jaunt. 

I've been participating in the 350,000 mile challenge joining Barrett in this crazy walk across the country. This challenge is a way for others all across the globe to participate and log exercise toward the cause. Consider logging your own miles you complete walking, biking, or running on legacy champ here. 

I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty pumped about taking a day off tomorrow to observe the Sabbath and rest the legs. I've only been completing a fraction of the miles that Mr. Go Walk America has been completing but after five days of walking I'm ready for a break. Praise the Lord!

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  1. YUM! Can you bring some homemade mac 'n cheese back with you? :P Cindy and I arrived home late last night. I'm glad you're having a good time, but we miss you! Come home soon?