Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Country Roads

Our travels through the state of Georgia have been along the old highway 41. It has included many pictures of the life that used to run along this highway before the interstate was created and dragged the the business and customers out to the interstate. It really is sad to see so many parts of rundown town and abandoned motels along the way. Just change. But I have definitely enjoyed getting to see so many fabulous big old courthouses and such. This one in Vienna, Ga was fabulous. That's Vi- enna not Vee- enna like I always thought.

In the same Vienna town I found this fabulous mural on the drugstore wall. I thought for sure they would have a fabulous soda fountain inside to match their mural, but sadly there was not. Another greatness lost when fast food and corn syrup soda came to town.

Today we found the beauty of a short bypass off of hwy 41, this would be scenes from the Old National Highway. Barrett and I decided that it has been our favorite stretch of road so far with its great scenery and desolate road traffic. Check out some great dairy cows on pasture and a fabulous bee hive field.

- Grace and peace to you

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  1. Bees! I'm trying to convince Josh that on our future dream farm we must have bees. He's not into it. :(