Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Tonight we are blessed to inhabit the Camp John Hope outside of Fort Valley, GA.
It is a fabulous leadership center for Georgia FFA and FCCLA. I headed out in hopes of finding a good hiking trail, found a hiking trail sign, but no trail. I'm thinking that it may be too early in the season for them to have everything ready to go, but I went ahead and wandered through the woods anyway. My favorite is definitely the lake view right outside our little condo-like room. I'm presently sitting here on the porch listening to the sounds of bull frogs below, crickets sing their nighttime song, and occasionally I wonder if the splash I hear is the gator in the pond. It is so relaxing and for this I praise the Lord.

Another one of my random observations in the south so far has been the crazy number of ant hills. They are literally everywhere growing out of sidewalks, streets, grass, and the like. Mesmerized by the ants action....

- Grace and peace to you

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