Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Daily Beauty

Have I mentioned how cool it is to see The South experience Spring? Just the slow travel down the road taking in all there is to see has been amazing. Additionally, we have run into the greatest people. Today while walking, we were offered a ride by two different couples in a matter of about a mile. Either we were looking desperate or these people are just quality. We made a pit stop along the way beside a beautiful pond and had the opportunity to chat with an older gentlemen. He was digging away on a leaky irrigation line but still offered to get us anything we needed. So great! I'll leave you with a few of my favorite scenes of today...

The pecan grove was giant. Gotta harvest a lot to fill all those bags being sold at every tourist stop, gas station, and random road stand in the state. I sent some pecans today in the mail to my favorite Momma because she's the best!

- Grace and peace to you


  1. Gorgeous flower!! Love the little guy by the pond. :)) Hope you are keeping an eye on the weather. Western Louisiana has had around 10" with localized flooding. Twill see if it heads straight across or moves more northerly. Do you guys have rain capes? I should have sent mine with you. Sorry, didn't think about it. Trash bags work in a pinch. Hugs csl

    1. I downloaded a weather app today but luckily we are both taking a few days off to visit friends starting tomorrow. We do have rain gear though so no worries.

  2. Ok, good. You have friends down there? Weather.com has pretty good coverage if nothing else. I like google earth, but it's usually behind time wise. I love Texas Storm Chasers in facebook. lol Those guys are nuts. And I'm connected to Channel 13 in Topeka in facebook. I can keep track of what's coming toward us from them and the many comments made.

    Looks like the pollen is pretty high where you are. People are really suffering already. Chicago is in shock with it's 80 degree temps already. Forecasters can't say whether that's a prediction of a hotter than normal summer yet. grrrr

    Got some skechers today that kind of look like your shoes in this picture,,,to use for my yard shoes. I used to use discarded old shoes for yard work and my feet hurt. So we'll see how these do. Found some great Dr Scholls too, but decided to cool it for awhile. :))

    Taxes are done, now to get figures to Anita, and then I can get back to the basement!!!!

    See ya,