Thursday, February 17, 2011


I am eagerly anticipating Spring. As excited as I am for the earth to turn green around here I still feel like I have much to do before then. I have a list sitting on my desk that is a Winter To-Do List. It's contents include:

  • Paint my room - Not even close to starting. I have paint, that's all.
  • Sew t-shirt quilt- Progress has been made on this project that I started two years ago.
  • Make brochure for my freelance baking business- I decided against really publicizing my freelance baking business because quite honestly I'm not sure I really want to and the work that goes into specific orders is not worth the return.  
  • Pack & move out- I will say that today I actually looked at a house in Abilene. I am a little bit torn with this decision because I know that I do not want to live alone and I haven't really found anybody ready to start an intentional community. Yet, I'm also pondering offering a spare bedroom for homeless. Baby steps, I got a job, now I can move onto housing.  
  • Plan garden- I have purchased all my seeds for my garden and have started some, but as far as planning the layout, not so much. 
  • Contact community garden people- This I have finished! Progress is definitely happening on the first ever Abilene Community Garden space. We have met as a group and have made definite steps toward seeing a real garden space. Very exciting action. Now we just need some land.
Because this week has been so unseasonably warm (70!) I have been able to enjoy time outside. I've pruned all our fruit trees and taken several trips down the lane for some fabulous outdoor February exercise. Yesterday I enjoyed lunchtime in the sunshine. Before long I'll be able to enjoy fresh local salad. Can't wait!
Lunchtime delight: spinach, beets, chickpeas, pickled squash, shredded carrots, sheep feta cheese, sunflower seeds.


  1. Looks delicious! I just made a salad with garlic, avocado, tomato and lime juice. YUM! I'm loving these southern hemisphere summer vegetables. Moving off the farm? Boy things have changed since I left! Keep me updated.

  2. Sheep feta cheese? Woah. I miss your enormous salad lunches that I mooched off of. You're right - baby steps....

  3. A great list and a great lunch! I can't wait to plant my salad greens in about a month. It's my favorite produce to grow in the garden. :)