Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Today I spent the majority of my time planting and transplanting. I have highs hopes and expectations for the life that is growing and the life to come. Today as I placed the tiny seeds into the soil, watered the soil, and turned on the light I had many thoughts. How amazing is the fact that I place a seed the size of a pin-head into quality soil and it has the potential to produce a large plant and multiple fruit? It simply blows my mind to think how carefully that detail was planned. It was planned by a powerful God thinking about us. We are so blessed.

I transplanted my cabbage plants into these fabulous homemade newspaper pots. They took a little bit of time to create but seriously genius. Newspaper = free. I was inspired by the fabulous Jessica Shoffner and viewed some how-to videos online. Once again, genius.

I may be equally excited about the Cowpots that I'm using. I also may have officially run out of space under my grow lights and I have two more varieties of tomatoes to get started. Guess we'll have to do some rearranging. 
Coming soon: eggplant, paprika peppers, quran red peppers, german pink tomatoes

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