Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I really can't believe that I have not heard this term before. Today, while reading our Mother Earth News magazine, I came across a discussion on flex cooking. According to the article, "Flexitarian" is a new term that refers to people who enjoy a predominantly vegetarian diet, eating much less meat than typical omnivores. When they do eat meat, they usually opt for healthy, humanely raised selections, and may make exceptions for special occasions or when dining as someone's guest. Flexitarians are creative in finding ways to use less meat in normally meat-centric dishes. 

That's me! I would prefer to eat a vegetarian diet, however, when in situations where this is not possible I will eat meat.  This term has apparently been around for a little while because an article I found online from Newsweek was written in 2008. They also describe flexitarians as part-time vegetarians. Where have I been? Too busy eating to think about what to call my diet.


  1. Genius! I'm a Flexitarian too. Actually right now I'm hardcore veggie. I'm living with this crazy old Chilean woman that grows most of her own food. We've got a garden you would die for! At night, I grab leaves from the lemon verbena tree and make tea. Life is good down south. Hope you're well, amiga! Congrats on your new job!

  2. I'm kind of shocked you didn't know about that term and that we haven't talked about it before! Yes, you are definitely a Flexitarian. I think I am as well, but less hardcore than you :) Hurray for vegetables!

  3. I apologize that I've never told you about this term before, as this is what Steve and I call ourselves. Isn't it wonderful?!