Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kids Zone

On Wednesday evenings I have the amazing opportunity to spend time with young impressionable minds at church. Specifically, I am assigned to a small group of kindergarten girls for approximately 1.5 hours at Kids Zone. I don't feel especially gifted working with the wee ones and sometimes I feel like they comprehend nothing. Some weeks I have none present and get to hang out with other groups, some nights I have a few but get little conversation out of them, and then some nights are like tonight. Tonight my heart breaks for these kids. 

Here's my take away from the evening: Divorce is a giant selfish act of parents.

I know that I do not know all the details, but tonight I had two young girls tell me through their sad face that they missed their dad. When I asked for prayer requests one wanted to pray for their dad that was away and the other wanted to pray for her mom and dad to get back together. 

I feel so blessed to have been raised in a two parent family. When I think about these situations and the millions exactly like them across our world, I see the results of divorce. Children that grow up in split homes are deeply affected by it. Praise God that we have a loving God that encompasses all. Praise God that he never leaves us. Praise God that these girls come to Kids Zone for a short while once a week so we can love on them with the love of Jesus. I pray that I have enough love to give.

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