Monday, February 28, 2011


Today, I would like to dedicate this post to creation. I'm thanking God on this day of my birth for not only creating me, but creating all the people in my life. I am thankful that each person has been put in my life at different times but precise times. I had a fabulous day beginning a new chapter in my life with new people. I started my job as the Family Nutrition Program Assistant. I think it will be a fabulous opportunity to bless other people's lives with my passion for nutrition and healthy eating habits. 

To start the new job off right I wanted to bring treats for my birthday. Last night my mother and I decided to make carrot cake cupcakes and because I like to pretend they are healthy we went with the whole wheat carrot cake formula with nuts and raisins. Let's just say that with two cooks in the kitchen and a slightly unfamiliar formula we had an epic baking disaster. Carrot cake is not an easy or short production so I was not about to waste our effort. 
That caving in part is not supposed to happen :(
What does this baker do when faced with a dilemma? Improvise and move on! I will say that the crusty edges on these cupcakes tasted really good. Actually the entire thing tasted great! I present baking disaster improv:
Double decker carrot cake individuals! Cream cheese frosting solves most!
Cake pops are the next greatest thing also! 

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  1. Nice save Amanda. Cake pops are the next greatest thing. I need to hear about your first week on the job soon!