Friday, February 11, 2011

Fresh Start

I was very excited last week when my grow lights finally arrived in the mail. They were delayed due to extreme weather conditions or a natural disaster. (That's what my confirmation email said!) This week has been crazy so it wasn't until this morning that I finally got one of the two light systems put together and some seeds started. 
Notice the adjustable height on the light fixture

Lettuce and Cabbage
 I have a random array of seeds. I ordered my new seeds this year from Seed Savers. They are a fabulous organization out of Iowa. I also have some leftover seeds from my last year's supply. Then we also have some  freebie seeds Dad and I got at a conference earlier this fall. 

Grow little seeds, grow!

On another note we have an official meeting scheduled for people interested in starting a community garden in Abilene! I have been attempting to make contacts with people for quite some and see what the possibilities may be. Thanks to some help from the local extension office we have a meeting scheduled for next week.  I'm also going to meet with a local board this next week to see if they might have some land to use. This is very exciting to see come together!

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