Saturday, June 4, 2011

Biking for Crazies!

I had the great opportunity to host another bunch of bicyclists last night as a part of my couch-surfing connections. Mike and Jim are amazing individuals biking across the country to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity. I had the opportunity to participate in building a couple of Habitat homes while in college so I know the greatness of the organization they're working for. You should check out their website, bike for homes, if you don't believe me that they're biking from San Francisco to Boston. Simply crazy and amazing life journey. I'm not sure what the deal is but so far my couch surfing hosting has been three crazy bicyclists that are traveling through the state. It is so hot and humid right now that I sure hope they make it to Boston before they evaporate!

One of my favorite moments of their short stay was seeing these two dudes eat. They can eat like none other. I suppose after biking close to 100 miles each day for 45 days straight one can work up an appetite. They said it wasn't a race but an enjoyable trip. Nonetheless, that bike weighs over 100 pounds and they're pedaling it up and down mountains, across deserts and valleys, and over the plains. I simply can't imagine.

Peace brothas!

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  1. Wow, pretty amazing guys. Hey, one of Carl's friends is starting a motorcyle trip across the states and is couch surfing. Twill send you the info and let you make any offers. He's the nice guy who Carl connected with in southern Japan. I'll bet they appreciated your wonderful cooking. Word of mouth and tummy!! :)) csl