Tuesday, June 7, 2011


My mother and I had our first experience with pickled beets. We have both recently become big fans of pickled beets, especially on salads. When I was able to harvest quite a few I decided to try our very own pickling of beets! I decided to leave out the cinnamon and cloves that are in most pickled beets because I prefer them plain but here's our easy process:

Boil whole until tender

Slice off top and bottom and peel. The peeling should come right off.

Mother opted for the gloves to avoid pink hands.

So beautiful. It only slightly looked like we
massacred something on the countertop.

We only had 5 pints and wanted to avoid water bathing,
so this trick seals the lids and they will be fine in the fridge for a good while. 


  1. Although I don't enjoy this delicacy, I applaud your fine efforts at producing your own foodstuffs!

  2. Anything pickled seems to last forever in the frig. I'd hate to guess when I bot the baby corn I have. :)) This obviously answered a question forward a few blogs. :)) Smart Mom!! csl