Wednesday, June 29, 2011

To run

I have a t-shirt from high school that I still like to wear. It is bright green and on the front it says, "What's the difference between a runner and a thrower?" On the back it says in giant bold letters, "Bigger, Stronger, Sexier." Can you guess what event I had this shirt for? Track and Field. I have never been a runner. Just like my shirt says, I'm bigger, stronger, and sexier lifting and throwing things than running my booty down the track. In the past several years though I have been strongly influenced by an extreme endurance runner and have added running to my lifestyle. I have two speeds in the Amanda world, 1st speed and slow.

Most recently I decided that I needed a reason to up my miles and a goal in mind to make running a routine in my life. Up until now it has been an activity I choose when convenient or I'm feeling extra ambitious. This past weekend I decided to buy new running shoes and told myself that it is official, I'm training for a half-marathon. In my excursions around town I noticed a sign for a marathon and half marathon in Salina on September 25th. That gives me about three months to train. That is ample time for this beginning runner. I was thinking that a 10K might be the next race to conquer but I'm feeling confident I can do a half. I ran 5 miles this morning in a large loop around Abilene and felt pretty good. Only the last mile did my right toes go numb and the final 1/2 mile did my side start hurting.

The major plus of increasing my mileage is the additional boost to my metabolism. Now if only I can control the urge to eat all day long!


  1. good luck. i could never run a half marathon, and certainly not a full one. i'll have to tell alecia about that shirt of yours, or remind her, since you probably wore it in college:)
    thanks fer the comment at my place:)

  2. Yea Go Amanda!!! :) I also signed up for my first half marathon in KC in October!!! I've been running this spring/summer about 4 miles, but wanted something to motivate me and work towards. The 13 miles definitely will! Keep me updated on your progress!! and if you want, you can run the half up here in October with me!!