Saturday, June 25, 2011


I said goodbye to my sad looking Rhonda Honda this past week. After staring at her sad face for almost a month after the ridiculous hail storm I decided to dismiss her. I got the best deal I could ever have gotten for Rhonda after my insurance check and trade in value. 

Meet my newest Honda friend, Lafonda!
I almost bought another Civic until I drove a Fit and she is amazing. She has great visibility as the newer Civics I drove have poor visibility. Lafonda is a manual so she is definitely fun to drive and although she looks quite small her interior is quite spacious. Many thanks to my sister Tara for her finagling skills in the car buying process. 


  1. CUTE!!! Helly and I saw a Kia Soul yesterday, two of them in her parking lot. They are cute too. Happy Days!! csl

  2. No more Ghetto KS mobile?? I'm shocked!