Sunday, June 5, 2011


I just had this thought. Why do we call the living room the living room? I mean, we live in the entire house. I suppose that the living room would be the room people spend the most time living in. However, in my abode, I spend more time in the kitchen so should I rename my kitchen the living kitchen room? Hmmm...

On to news of making my house become my home, my mother and I finally put things on the wall! Mom said that means that I'm planning on staying for a while because I put holes in the wall and put decorations up. Not sure how I feel about that comment, but I am definitely staying for a while. Whatever that means.

Another ancient piece that I spiffed up.

My two free couches that I acquired.


  1. Nice to see the old dresser top being used so cleverly. Love your red couch especially!! Lookin' good!! :)) Is that one of the old trunks too? csl

  2. Oh,,I'll be home next Thursday 14th for a mini Enterprise kids reunion. Will you be around on Friday,,,would love to visit. csl