Saturday, June 18, 2011

First time

Presently, I'm sitting in the lovely outdoor weather of Abilene, Kansas soaking up some rays and trying to make my very first Farmers' Market sales. I don't have any vegetables to sell yet, but I have some amazing 100% Whole Grain Cookies for sale! I think they're pretty fabulous. My sign says 100% Wholesome. They have a whole lot of wholesome goodness and love in them too.

The past couple of weeks have been a little crazy in my world. So to start catching up in the blogging world I'll tell you about my first time preserving turnips. I picked quite a few from the garden. My turnips seem to become pretty spicy if they get any size on them. The heat around here has also caused them to get a little more spicy as they are fresh. I decided to blanch and freeze them and amazingly most of the spiciness went away after blanching. We'll see how they serve up a little later in my stews.

Turnip chunks and greens!
I also managed to make a first time new veggie burger recently. This burger is a combo of lentils, beets, greens and some other goodness I can't remember. 

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  1. If you ever come to sell in Manhattan you will probably see us!