Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pretty Carrots

The high temp for yesterday and the next 5 days ranges between 100-105 degrees. It's ridiculously hot outside because not only is that actual temperature above 100 but with the addition of humidity it is down right wretched. With that being said, I've been watering both of my gardens and decided to pull up all my carrots before they turn disgusting. I think I probably should have pulled them several weeks ago but alas today was the day. They're beautiful!

Sink full of carrots!

Almost too pretty to eat, almost.
My new favorite activity out at the farm includes feeding all my garden scraps to the chickens. Today after cutting my cabbage I threw all the bad leaves and leftovers to the chickens. They go after it. I've decided since my compost is taking forever to actually compost and I don't want to spend the time to figure out the issue there I might as well just feed all the garden leftovers to the chickens. It adds to their goodness and healthy eggs! Yum!

I'm thinking about making sauerkraut this weekend with the cabbage I harvested. I also think it would be awesome to make kimchi so we'll see how ambitious I get.  

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  1. Ship some to Alabama;) They are beautiful!!! You must have an amazing garden!