Thursday, July 7, 2011

Focus on Fruits

Tomorrow I will be talking about my role as a Family Nutrition Program Assistant to our local Rotary club. I plan to show them just what great things I get to do and read them a book. I'm going to read Oliver's Fruit Salad. It has such a great message! You should definitely read it, but just to give you an idea why I love it so...

Oliver does not like fruit. He refuses to drink the fruit juice and canned fruits his mother gives him. All he can talk about is his grandpa's fruit that he grows. Oliver's mother takes him to the grocery store to pick out fresh fruits and after coming home he still does not want to eat them because his grandpa didn't grow them. Then grandpa comes and makes a fruit salad with him and Oliver decides to eat the salad.

This book has multiple meanings that I love.
  1. Once children see how fruits and veggies are actually grown, they are 10 billion times more likely to eat them. 
  2. Using their own hands to tend and harvest increases these chances even more.
  3. Children are more likely to eat foods that they have their hand in preparing as well.
  4. Family meal times are sooooo important. Children will eat the food that is put in front of them and when they see their elders eating healthy, they will too!


  1. Neat book and hope you got some leads from the Rotary people. I'll bet you got them to thinking at least.

    I wandered the fruit and veggie area yesterday at the grocery store after getting a perm and FINALLY mailing Julie's 3 dolls to her in Germany. (only been 9 years) Anyway, I bought 1 papaya, 3 kiwi, and 3 Mangos. Now to read about them and try them. I've had kiwi on the fruit pizza's, and I take a papaya supplement, but Mangos,,,don't think I've tried before other than as juice in drinks. So now to google and enjoy. :)) Of course I always have bananas in my oatmeal. Oh and I made the old old recipe of jello, applesauce and 7-up this week. yummy. csl

  2. Presentation to the Rotary Club went great! I'm pretty sure they loved our information and even more so loved listening to my story. I get so passionate when talking about nutrition and healthy lifestyles that most people can't help but join the fight. I was so happy that the community garden also came out in question time! So many people from influential places in town were there to hear the discussion. Just fabulous!