Monday, July 4, 2011


Just some funky cucumbers.

It's about to get really funky in this house. We started the process of making sauerkraut with some cabbage that I harvested this week. We got out these antique kraut making jars from the basement and went to work with our cabbage.

Step 1: Adorn your favorite paper chefs hat and get to shredding cabbage. Thank God for apparatuses such as the food processor that shreds it nicely for you.

Step 2: Pack it into jars. Smash the cabbage in as much as you can. My fingers worked quite well compared to crippled fingered father and pretty nails mother.

 Step 3: Add 1 teaspoon salt to each jar.

Step 4: Pour boiling water to fill jars. Get air bubbles out using long chopstick like actions along edges of jar.

Step 5: Add a seal, probably only available in your local hometown store that carries everything, literally everything. These stores are 10 billions times better than Walmart, because not only do the people that run them actually know what an antique rubber seal for canning jars are, they know exactly where they are and they know your name. Not to mention they have run the store for 50+ years and if they are the epitome of supporting local.
Step 6: Place jars in a container to sit for 4-6 weeks. These will bubble over so it better be a good container to catch the juices. We put ours in a cooler and it sits in our back hallway for safe watching. 

Step 7: Wait for the aroma of fermenting cabbage to engulf your home. Thank God this is not going on in my home. Sorry parents.

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  1. lol,,,,I have often wondered, and never asked, just how much kraut they make every year, and how do they use it? Mom loved it, Dad didn't. It's not a favorite, but at least I don't stick my nose up at it anymore. I agree that the smell could be a little overwhelming. csl