Monday, July 11, 2011

Potato Beauty

This weekend I got to partake in some tailgating action with friends at a Kansas City Royal's baseball game. I would definitely have to say that I participate in watching most sporting events for the food that is always involved. Next time I might just forgo the expensive ticket and stay in the parking lot. Anyway, tailgating involves a grill and because I'm never in charge of putting meat on the grill I was in charge of the veggies. Most people would just make due to hot dogs and chips, but not me.

I was able to dig some of our potatoes and was pleasantly surprised with the beauty I found underground. I ordered these potatoes from Seed Savers this year and although I've been finding that they aren't big producers of potatoes, they are amazingly fabulous to look at and eat!

I added some olive oil, salt, and pepper and shoved them into a foil pocket on the grill. They cooked up real nice and tasty. I also added some sliced zucchini and onion on the grill for a nice veggie medley. Mmmm for quality fresh vegetables!

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  1. I should never read this blog when I'm hungry. lol I never have understood the expense of the games, but lots of people sure do enjoy it. Those are really red!! I've gotten to like the butter potatoes, think that's what they call them, altho haven't bot any recently. Prefer to keep rice around that doesn't spoil. csl