Sunday, July 3, 2011


Every year at harvest time I take the time to express my thanks to the farmers that work so hard year round. Growing up on the farm the harvest has always been a part of our lives but we've never been the actual farmers that complete it. When I was younger I remember making banana bread to take to the farmers in our fields. For the past several years making pies during harvest has been my tradition. Imagine that this year I almost forgot! The simple fact of being in town, I suppose that being removed from the sight of combines in the fields allowed me to merely forget that it was time for me to get out my pie baking skills. Not to worry, a little late is definitely better than never so yesterday I got out my skills and the cherries in the freezer and went to work. So thank you to all the farmers that work so hard so that I can be a happy baker and use the product of their toil!

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  1. Oh yummy. You know that every harvest, we always started harvest with a cherry pie and ended it the same. If we could we'd convince Mom we needed one any day inbetween too. :)) csl