Monday, January 10, 2011

Cupcakes anyone?

I got a sweet gig making cupcakes for the Attorney General's Inauguration Celebration. Sweet gig, sweet cupcakes, haha. I was told I could do whatever I wanted, so I went ahead and tried out a few new formulas. This first would be Best Yellow Cake. I discovered they were not a high ratio cake, kinda surprising, this means that there is not more sugar than flour in the formula. In America, generally all cake you eat is high ratio with more sugar than flour by weight in the formula. We like sugar, enough said.

My second new formula was definitely a high ratio formula, but it was also all in one production. Meaning there was no creaming of the butter and sugar first and then the addition of liquid and dry ingredients. It was a little weird with the point of being easier to produce. It was not so ideal, without the creaming it's difficult to get in the necessary aeration which results in sweet cupcakes, but lacking in volume.

And we have my personal favorite, Powercat Cocoa Cake. Coffee makes all chocolate better!

I desperately tried to not make it look like a baby shower, but when you start coloring order to get a bright bold color one must add enough dye that it ends up tasting like junk. With that being said, they are rather pastel, but still taste like buttercream. 

That's 150 cupcakes ready to go on a fabulous Sunday evening. I sure hope the reception went well today even though I have a feeling the anticipated crowd might have been significantly reduced in size due to the snow.


  1. Amanda, those cupcakes look absolutely delicious! I wish we were closer so we could bake together. I know I could learn so much from you! I just put a late Christmas Card in the mail to you today. Thanks for your address! Love you.

  2. Well Teach, I didn't know all of that about the sugar and flour. I'm with Meg, would have loved to have watched this process so as to understand better what you are saying and the differences. Super job as usual. Glad you didn't have to take them to Topeka.

    Aunt Carol