Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Tuesday I had my very first experience substitute teaching. I've had an emergency substitute teaching license for over a year now and am just now getting around to starting my subbing career. Living in the middle of nowhere I have not had the most ample amount of opportunities. Nonetheless my first experience was in a second grade classroom in Junction City, Kansas. As I filled out my response experience questions I wrote, I have nothing to compare this experience to, so I'm giving it five stars!

The children were mostly excellent. Except for the few compulsive complainers, I would say they were adequately behaved children. My favorite quote of the day was the first interaction I had upon entrance into the classroom.

A nice second grade girl says, "You have short hair."

"Yes," I replied, "I do have short hair."


"Because I like short hair."

"You have hair like my sister," she says.

"Oh, fun. You have a sister with short hair!"

"Yeah, she's one. She's a baby."

"Oh that's great!" I have hair like a baby. It's official, second graders say whatever they want and this one doesn't think my short hair is appropriate for my age. Hilarious.

My other funny story of the day was an example of what not to do. Do not assume children with long hair are females. I most definitely confused a young boy with long hair for a girl. When I addressed him as a her, I was quickly corrected from another student apart of the conversation. "He's not a girl." Insert foot in mouth Amanda.


  1. So great. Children are hilarious. Nice going calling that boy a girl. Maybe you two should switch scalps.

  2. Definitely! Switching scalps, on the schedule tomorrow. Hilarious!

  3. Ha ha, love it! And I love your short hair!