Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Yesterday I spent a considerable amount of time hanging out in public. I am thankful for how we are all different people created with different shapes, sizes, personalities, styles, dialects, and moods. This makes life so much more interesting. A few observations and interactions that stick out in my mind.

  • I attended a training as a new substitute teacher in the Geary County School system. The girl sitting beside me told me that I looked like I would be a fun substitute teacher. Thanks. Must be my short crazy hair and scarf?
  • At the same training I watched as two newly graduated educators filled out paperwork. Female is having some difficulty filling out the paper. Male steps in and instructs her through the entire stack of papers. Okay put your name and date there. Really? I'm thinking this girl has an education degree and she can't fill out her name and date on her own?
  • I went to the Junction City Public Library for the first time yesterday as well. I chose a nice seat in a semi-comfy chair and noticed a man taking a nice nap. He had a pile of stuff beside him and was stretched out with his head resting against a jacket, serving as pillow, against the wall. I thought in this situation, this guy is taking a serious nap in the library, funny. Then I remembered some of my best naps in college where right in Hale Library after I found an empty couch to lay out on. After reading for about 30 minutes, I hit the wall of sleepiness and then joined the 3 gentlemen at that time in public library nap-time. Quality.
  • Right before nap-time, this lady came up to me and asked if I had a bible. When I responded yes, she asked what kind of bible I had. I noticed that she was holding a bible as well and asked about hers. Then she asked if I went to church. I responded yes once again and told her where I went. It was an interesting encounter and I wonder if I had said no to any of the questions if she was planning on sharing the gospel with me. Moral of the story, why don't I do that more often? Walk up to random people in public and ask about their bible, version, and church. Why isn't that normal?
  • While waiting to get my TB skin test shot at the health department I observed children in the waiting room. Why is it that children can so easily interact with other strange children in a waiting room, playing with toys, fighting over toys, having fun, while parents sit on opposite sides of the room, avoid eye contact, and stare at their children making new friends? Weird.
  • Once again I am reminded of the serious issue involving our country's supermarkets. I was saddened while in the grocery store to observe a couple with their three small children proceed through the check out line. They had three carts full of stuff and I think maybe a third of the merchandise had real nutritional value. The issue is this: cheap calories have no nutritional value therefore you must buy more of them to fill you up. But even when you buy more of them they are still cheaper than the alternative, healthful food. Most of the time. For example, one might be able to buy 2 gallons of soda for the same price of one gallon of milk. It's really just mind boggling, because have no idea what they are buying or what they are putting in their bodies. And then when our health care is completely out of control we wonder what went wrong, how do we solve the problem? Hmmm...

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  1. Amanda! Can I just say I love you and I love your blog and the fact you did zumba and you love living in the middle of nowhere and hundred billion different things:)