Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crafty bag

Approximately one year ago I attended a bread and craft fair in Maine. There was one vendor that created amazing bags out of used feed, flour, dog food, etc. sacks. My first thought was that I wanted one. My second thought included amazement at the $20-$30 price tag for a bag created from waste. My third thought was that surely I can make my own! So I did, finally, a year later. 

I would like to create more and try my luck at $20 income from waste but my sewing machine does not really like sewing such things. The heavy duty thread that I used did not like to flow in my machine, so sewing proved to be a bit difficult. I'll also add that hand stitching on those handles was a little sore on the fingers, but definitely possible. I like it though I'm not sure how many more I want to make. 


  1. This is way cute! Too bad your machine didn't like it. Did you also use a heavy needle? I'm sure you probably did. This would be a great idea to teach 4-hers.

  2. Sweet bag. What did you use to make this? Did you ever make bags with the sacks we took from David & Susan? They probably thought we were crazy. Actually, we are crazy...