Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Livin' the Dream

Today I'm all packed up and ready to head off on my next adventure. Vermont here I come! I am so thankful to have a job that allows me to pack up and leave for a week, return for a week, and then leave for another week.  As is the case presently I'm headed off for vacation #2, a short six day trip to the New England states. I'm pumped to take in a baking class at King Arthur Flour with my dear friends, Wendi and Kelsey. I'm also anticipating eating my fair share of New England ice cream, fresh veggies, and bread, bread, and more bread!

I'm so ready to party like 2010!

This past weekend I had a few spare moments to get in some sewing. I'm telling you, not having a TV leaves a lazy Sunday afternoon to reading, napping, reading some more, and sewing. I finished a baker's cap that I cut out a while ago and can be found for sale on my Etsy site, Simple Creations. Then I also made some cloth napkins for use when I have dinner guests.

You must absolutely read this book that I finished, Tomatoland. It will blow your mind thinking about tomatoes and you will absolutely never be able to buy another tomato in the grocery store without thinking twice. I already knew that I refuse to buy fresh tomatoes in the winter but this just confirms my belief even more. 


  1. I want that book! I LOOOOOOOVE tomatoes and never buy the fresh from the grocery store simply because they don't even taste like tomatoes! Yuck!

  2. this makes me feel better. i eat our backyard tomatoes. sweet:)
    also, i replied to your comment at my place.