Sunday, August 7, 2011

Michigan Beauty

Recently I spent about a week in the beauty of the state of Michigan. My dear farmer friend, Ruthie, got married! The wedding was on the farm and it amazed me how the two farmers not only carried on the busiest season of the year as farmers with their normal activities but added a wedding to the week's events. I kid you not, they were out there harvesting the morning of the wedding and returned the day after the show for farm activities. No break time for these dedicated growers!

A few quick highlights of my trip up north.

Amazing produce of all kinds. My favorite, tasty tomatoes!

Market day

Amazing food!

Beautiful friend!

Fabulous setting and fabulous couple!

Great, simple, and beautiful flowers.

Pure excitement!

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  1. How neat. Love her sunflower bouquet. Congratulations to the newly weds!! csl