Monday, August 22, 2011

Serious Flatbread Class

"Eating locally from the wood-fired oven" was the name of the class that Wendi & I took while visiting King Arthur Flour. It was a two day class dedicated much to flatbreads and fabulous roasted food in the oven. To start the class off we created super simple flatbread dough that turned into amazing simple flatbreads. The key to amazing and simple is quality ingredients! Quality is what we had, fresh from a farm that our instructor brought. We combined quality ingredients in a number of ways to enjoy the most amazing meal!

Our instructor was the head chef at American Flatbread, the original flatbread restaurant at the Lareau Farm. We dined there one evening and got to take in the ambiance of dining on an original farm with campfire outdoor waiting. It was quite the unique experience. 

Back to flatbread at KAF....

Wood fired oven
Happy bakers!

Dough goes down

Local, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, aged cheese, salt on top

Into the 650ish degree oven

within minutes out comes greatness
Beets in cast iron skillet go in...

along with local organic chicken, skin stuffed with creme fresh and herbs

Roasting away like magic

Loads of gorgeous veggies

Mixture of eggplant, onion, red peppers

Lightly roasted summer squash

before mentioned eggplant mixture stuffed into squash

Amazing flatbread with thinly sliced potatoes, ricotta, mozzarella,  seasoned and baked.
Then topped with fresh arugula. 

The Meal

The class was simply amazing! I would say the highlight was being introduced to such amazing ingredients. Although the dishes look intense and difficult, the greatness really comes from quality ingredients prepared simply. Now if only I could find my very own supply of such great cheeses local to me right here in Kansas. 


  1. So glad you joined us all the way from Kansas and had a wonderful time! Thanks for coming - and for sharing. Happy baking!

  2. My mouth is watering, it all looks delish!