Monday, March 14, 2011

Beauty in the Snow

This past Friday and Saturday I spent the majority of day-light hours outside because the sun was shining and it felt like fabulous early spring days. The temperature was in the 60-70s both days and were absolutely beautiful. I had a conversation with a friend Friday afternoon as we were sitting outside soaking up some rays about how the Farmer's Almanac had been accurate so far this year and we were due for two more snow storms. 

Enter snow storm last night. I woke up to the most beautiful snow we've had all winter. It was wet and simply gorgeous. It weighted down the trees and made for an amazing picture outside.

My commute to town was an epic failure in Rhonda this morning. I was thankful once again for the Lindahl used car lot so I could take my father's giant diesel 4-wheel drive truck in order to make it up the hills outside our driveway. 

The sun came out in full forces this afternoon and there is presently little evidence outside of the gorgeous snow I woke up to. Actually, the evidence lies in the mud. Life is normal in Kansas, it's supposed to be 75 on Thursday.

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