Monday, November 28, 2011

Got Change?

I've been reading and listening to a lot of different health ideas recently. As you know this is all a part of my lessons associated with my health coaching curriculum. I want to bring to you a short paragraph out of the book, Integrative Nutrition written by the founder of IIN, Joshua Rosenthal. This first chapter is entitled Question What You're Told and really challenges us to question everything that we know. I certainly know that what I've been taught in my schooling and what I'm told to teach as a nutrition educator is based on the USDA guidelines. This chapter really reveals a lot behind where our food guidelines and recommendations come from. The part that makes me so sick is to realize that everything is put into place based on money. Read this:

"If we want to be healthy, we need to eat nutritious foods. It really isn't difficult. Unfortunately, billions of dollars are spent every day trying to seduce us not to do it. The food industry, drug companies, politicians, civil servants and even the medical profession all have strong vested interests in making money and not in protecting our health. In one way or another, almost all the sources of information we would expect to support our quest for overall health are contaminated for reasons of financial gain. Face it America, being sick and overweight keeps corporate profits healthy." 

The text goes on to show that however true the above statements may be there is great hope for change. The world is beginning to wake up to the reality and make change.of our present diets' effect. We are the agents of change that must take action. We get a vote every time we spend money on food. Corporations will get the message after we show them where we want to spend our money and what type of food we buy. Get involved people; with our dollars, our voices and our forks, we have the power to create change. Time to get busy!

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