Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Living Art

This gorgeous painting is not living. However, it does reside in my living room and I'm in love with my one of a kind art piece. Earlier this year when I moved into my humble little abode, I furnished the place with all second hand, sometimes, third or forth hand furniture. I had virtually nothing to go on the wall and I thought to myself, I should paint a giant canvas for this large empty wall. I actually pondered doing just that before I realized that I'm not a painter nor do I want to add that to my list of hobbies and collection of supplies. I decided to employ a good friend of mine, Lauren, that is an amazing artist to paint me a picture. 
I think it's perfect and absolutely makes the space better. It's also perfect for this season and I'm even thinking that maybe it would be fun to have her paint me something different for a more spring/summer look. We'll see. 

Just this past week I had a new couchsurfer that was traveling through the state as she walks across the country. She is walking and conversing with people to prepare for a book she has in mind to write about poverty. An amazing lady with a great story and passion for the marginalized people of this country. Check out her moves on her website. We had some great discussion in this room and she indeed commented on the painting.

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  1. Ahh have been waiting for this picture to appear. Very nice indeed!!! I also noticed your schefflera. A student at KSU gave me a small one in exchange for a hair cut when I was in college. When it finally died, I realized I had had it for 25 years. Twill see if yours lasts as long, or longer. :)) csl