Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kitchen Crew

My mother and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen this past week. After a giant Thanksgiving meal prepared for only four people, we felt like the dishes would never end. We had a delightful four days spent relaxing and eating much.

My Thanksgiving plate in all it's beauty:

We also ventured back into the kitchen to make bierocks. We had a bunch of cabbage on hand and I suggested making bierocks to use it up. She kept asking when I had made bierocks and learned how to do it. I assured her that I don't really remember ever learning how to make them, but knew they were simply dough filled with meat and cabbage. Not that difficult. We managed just fine.

First a filling was created out of red(why is it called red cabbage when it is obviously purple?) cabbage, onion, garlic, beef. I also added a touch of spicy mustard and Worcestershire sauce with black pepper. 

Dough was made. I went for a nice medley of rye, whole wheat, and white flour on this one. Rolled out the dough and cut into squares to be filled. 

Baked and ready for the eating. They were pretty good. I must say that you can roll out the dough pretty thin. It does a really good job of baking up and leaving you with a lot of bread and not much filling. These were good, but I think could have been thinner. Overall, success!


  1. Beautiful. I thought I sent you QueenBee's bierock recipe. I made a bunch a few months ago and just finished off the last of the frozen ones. I like your use of the "red" cabbage. Yes where did that name come from? :)) I like to dip them in spicy mustard with a little catsup. and yes, I agree the dough could be thinner, but would it hold the contents as well? Glad you all had a nice weekend. csl

  2. I love to make bierock and freeze them for later! I always have the same problem with not much filling to bread ratio though.