Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just Go

Tonight I want to tell you about a little adventure I am super pumped to take part in. Just a little less than two weeks ago I was presented with the opportunity to take part in this project: Go Walk America. While spending the weekend with my dear sister, she mentioned the need of a good friend for support partners in his walk across the country. My friend, Mr. Barrett Keene, is walking across the U.S. to raise funds for an amazing project called The Global Orphan Project. This project raises funds for uniforms for orphans in parts of the world where without a uniform, children cannot go to school. Additionally, they set up sewing centers in the countries to provide jobs for locals while clothing orphan children. It really is a beautiful picture of Jesus caring for the least of these.

If you read a little more of Barrett's story on the website he addresses the need for support people in his trip and the unfortunate circumstances that left him walking solo for the first several months of the trip. This is where I fit in, driving a support vehicle while Barrett walks. Barrett has worked so hard to get the word out about the project and literally relying on the Lord to provide all the necessary details.

After learning a bit more about the project I really was thinking why not? I love adventures. I love being a part of actively living as Christ's hands and feet. I love a really great road trip. I love hanging out with new friends. I don't have any family or major commitments that would inhibit me from taking off for a month at a time. Why not?

After some much necessary time in prayer and reflection, I decided that I had to act. I really believe that the Lord provided this opportunity in order for me to trust in His provision and just go. Long story short, I asked off from work for a month and just found out today that it is definitely going to work out. I'm going! I'm going on an adventure of a lifetime and will be traveling the state of Georgia for the month of March. I'm positive the Lord is going to do incredible things during this trip! Please check out the websites and see how you can get involved as well!

Go Walk America

The Global Orphan Project

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