Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Funday

Today was a fabulous day! 

I spent the morning soaking up some relaxing time with Jesus while sitting in the the sun-room aka living room at the farm. This week I'm house-sitting for my parents so I'm out here enjoying the wood burning stove heat and great south sun exposure. It was a great morning. I ventured outside around 2 p.m. to notice that it was AMAZING outside. It had definitely warmed up since my chore time outside earlier in the morning. This winter in Kansas has been absolutely crazy. We're talking 50 degree weather when it should be much colder and snowy?! I decided to take advantage of the weather and proceeded to.......roto-till my garden! I had applied some great goat manure to the garden at Thanksgiving but didn't get a chance to till it in. Today was perfect!


Yep. Wearing a t-shirt outside in January.
After tilling I finally pulled up the onions that I forgot about last year. They had definitely sprouted several times and were even a bit frosty, but I plan to chop them all up and freeze them. Waste nothing people!

After feeling pretty accomplished on this Sunday Funday I decided to go for a walk and have a nice farm photo shoot. 

A funny little leftover turnip. Still going.
Snyder loves this weather! 

I caught Lucky scratching his back. 

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  1. Great pics and great head start on the garden. I've been tempted to dig out the t-shirts lately. It's nuts. Hope we get some moisture soon. Running the humidifiers 24/7. AC