Monday, January 16, 2012

Stockpile Soup

I often tell my mother that she really should stop buying groceries and eat some of the stockpile of food that exists in this house. There is so much food in this house, I will always come here if there is a natural disaster, because this house will be thriving. Last night I made a lovely soup using many of the stockpiled essentials.

Here it is:
  • Every great soup starts out with sauteed onion. 
  • Added some frozen green bell peppers and two pieces of sausage link. 
  • Then into the pot went two quarts of homemade stock. One of them being a turkey stock and one veggie.
  • Next added two small sweet potatoes.
  • Added about 1.5 cups of regular brown lentils.
  • Let that simmer for a bit and added cauliflower and red cabbage as well as several garlic cloves.
  • It needed some more liquid so I added a pint of homemade tomato sauce + small can of tomato paste 
  • Added about a pint more of water.
  • Some spices are necessary: plenty of paprika, chili powder, cumin, ground red pepper, salt & pepper

Pretty delicious! You can do it too! What's in your kitchen that needs to be used? Throw it together for a soup masterpiece. What has been your favorite soup creation?


  1. Don't knock the Lindahl supermarket! I'm going straight there in case of disaster, as well! Although I understand needing to use up old food, personally, Panda, I miss having everything at my fingertips. Can't wait to come home! See you soon!

  2. I WISH we had room to stockpile food like your parents do. :)

    I do this quite often, not with so many different ingredients (our taste buds are a little more plain), but it's usually pretty good. :)

  3. Jamie, we've always said that if there is a disaster, we'd all head to the farm. :)) My freezer is full too, so trying to whittle it down. It's hard not to buy more and freeze when the price is right, and also not to double a recipe and freeze half of it, especially for one person. It's cost and time saving, but at some point, you've got to stop and eat it. Mom used to keep a jar in the frig for left overs and when it got full, she'd make what we called "Garbage soup". It got interesting at times. :))