Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kansas Day Celebration

Happy 151st Birthday Kansas! Today is the day we celebrate Kansas Day. Growing up I thought that every state celebrated a state day on the birthday of the state. However, it wasn't until I moved out of the state of Kansas did I realize that this is not the case, Kansas seems to be pretty unique in this celebration. I actually feel like I've done the most Kansas Day celebrating this weekend than I have ever done.

Last night I was able to celebrate the grand opening of a new locally owned Kansas store in Salina called, Ad Astra Books & Coffee. They had a grand good time with a special Kansas poet and song writer for entertainment along with Kansas longhorn beef burgers. Pretty fabulous.

Today I had the honor of celebrating Kansas Day with some lovely friends in Manhattan. This dear friend of mine has the best Kansas decorations ever and this was the second time I was able to join this special group, a majority of retired KSU professors, for a Kansas celebration. We had amazing soup and pie! No Kansas Day celebration would be complete without the singing of Home on the Range and that we did!

I'll take both the pecan and banana caramel pie.

Check out the meadowlark, hatchet, and bison in the background.

Some very special friends!


  1. Oh my,,,,did you get the recipes for those pies? Yummy!! AC

    1. Here's the recipe: Butter, more butter, sugar, more sugar, lots of love, and diabetes on the side.

  2. Yay for Kansas and Kansas Day! Those are some sweet looking pies and very friendly looking people.