Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Meat Marinara

Growing up I refused to eat homemade marinara sauce. We had spaghetti fairly frequently and I always used to complain to my mother when she would make real, from scratch, marinara with home-canned tomatoes. I really didn't even eat tomatoes until I was probably 18. I used to beg my mom to buy the spaghetti sauce in the jar. It's so funny how times change and now I would never even think of buying pre-made marinara. Talk about added sugar and salt and probably red #40.

Here's my recent experience of making marinara using up some great things in my fridge. Starting out with ground venison. Throwing in some chopped onion, carrots, mushrooms and garlic. Might as well add as many veggies as possible. You can't go wrong.

I would have used more home-canned tomatoes, however, I'm still crying from the disaster of a growing season last summer. This is so sad that I actually have to buy canned tomatoes. Just pathetic. Praying for next year to be a bounty!

I did find one jar of homemade marinara that I added as well. Into the pot it all went along with a generous amount of italian herb seasoning and some salt & pepper.

I was pretty excited to cook my spaghetti squash. I simply cut it in half and face down on a baking sheet for about 45 minutes. Spaghetti squash is so fun because it looks exactly like spaghetti noodles, except it's squash!

Wouldn't you know I forgot to photograph my plate. I was dining with friends and had to take this after shot. The marinara was super chunky and tasty. 

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  1. You have a great writing style and sense of humor! I, too, like spaghetti squash although I am alone in that opinion in this house. Your marinara sauce makes me hungry!