Friday, January 27, 2012

Holistic Health Studies Update

I can now say that I am one quarter of the way through my year adventure as a holistic health coach student. I just completed my first online exam and passed! It really wasn't too difficult and it's been such a blessing that the material I am learning is not crazy rocket science that I have to memorize. Instead the information I have been learning is very eye-opening yet simple concepts that include not only food, but activity, business concepts, lifestyle suggestions and self care. It really is great stuff.

In case you've missed the background of what I'm studying check out this post: Greetings!

With that being said, I am looking for willing volunteers that would be interested in completing a Health History Consultation with me. This will take no longer than 45 minutes and can be done via telephone, skype, or in person if you happen to be near Abilene, KS! This is simply a conversation that allows me to get to know more about you and your overall health. The more I am able to practice these the better equipped I will be for future health coaching. So please consider taking me up on this invitation.

Please contact me at if you are interested. Many thanks!

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